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About Us

Dornat was born at 1994 out of our passion for beauty and artistic creation backed by our vast business experience.

Every year, we design new collections of paper products and gifts, created in collaboration with talented artists, designers and illustrators. Each one gives the chosen items his own interpretation, true to his artistic voice.

Over the years, Dornat has created a unique platform that makes original art widely accessible for everyone to enjoy.

This is how we do it

Dornat’s in-house studio develops all our new products, explores new solutions, designs the overall structure, chooses materials and makes decisions regarding production and manufacturing. The final formats are white and bare, similar to empty canvases ready to convey each artist’s personal vision.

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Original Art

We provide a platform for professional artists to expose their work commercially, while sharing the gift of local talents with the world. As a “greenhouse” which aims to nurture the talent of exceptional artists, we choose only original and authentic works, adhere to copyright laws, give proper credit, and label each product with the Dornat Stamp of Authenticity.


We choose to cooperate with local businesses who share the same values and beliefs, nurturing long lasting relationships with them, as well as with sheltered employment workshops for people with disabilities.



Dornat’s commitment is evident in its ecologically focused and environmentally friendly collection, which carefully adheres to “green” guidelines.

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